Sentinel Concierge FL Launches New Website


Leading concierge service provider, Sentinel Concierge FL, launched a new website to help clients gain easy access to their services and information on how concierge services can make life easier.

Clearwater, Florida, March 17, 2017: Leading Florida based personal concierge services provider, Sentinel Concierge FL, has announced the launch of its brand new website,, to help its clients access their services and offerings much more easily than before.

Sentinel Concierge FL

With the aim of making life easier and less stressful for the citizens of Florida, Sentinel Concierge FL introduced various personal concierge services, including senior transitioning services, to help seniors choose the right community to live in, taking into account their financial situation and suggesting transitional lifestyle choices. Other services include general welfare checkups, assistance with senior living referrals, communication with family members, paying bills, grocery shopping, general companions, yard maintenance and more.

Sentinel Concierge’s home watch sentinel plan provides a watchful eye to take care of a client’s home while they are away. They also offer services such as watering plants and pet sitting while the residents are away and checking on the home to make sure it is secure. They also ensure that everything is arranged before the homeowner returns, whether it is home maintenance or filling the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator with food.

With the launch of the new website, the company intends to make it easier for people to learn more about the services and how their life can be made easier with simple help like someone on hand to run errands or do some grocery shopping, making appointments or preparing to receive guests and housekeeping, or even senior care services such as providing a general welfare check up or picking up their prescription from the pharmacy.

The website lists all the services and the hourly rates, so that it becomes easier for people to choose their preferred services. The site also contains useful information in the form of blog posts for people to learn more.

In the words of the founder of Sentinel Concierge FL, Janet Fisher, “We have focused on several specialties in our company. Services such as a home watch program where we check on your home while you are away on vacation. Our home watch program is vital to the Clearwater and Tampa area as many of the residents are dual residence home owners. Our home watch program gives our clients the ease of knowing their home is being watched and cared for while they are away.”

Ms. Fisher added, “Our team has extensive management experience in real estate, senior real estate training and custom home building and design. Sentinel is also a trained concierge service and a current member of”

With life becoming increasingly hectic, Sentinel Concierge FL provides an easier way to ensure that one’s daily responsibilities can be fulfilled, without having to stress over everything that needs to be accomplished in a day.

About Sentinel Concierge FL: Started with an idea of part time employment, Sentinal Concierge FL provides assistance and care for their clients through personal concierge services. The team has wide management experience, especially in real estate, design and custom home building. The concierge services are offered through a trained concierge team. Sentinel Concierge FL is also a member of, and licensed and insured in the state of Florida and the city of Clearwater.

Sentinel Concierge FL

Our Company begin as an idea for part time employment and then quickly it was clear that assisting our clients in small ways was first gratifying, then we were paid to do it. How much more could we ask for? That is our story.

Our backgrounds Include corporate employment with extensive customer service both internal and external. Our team has extensive management experience in Real Estate, custom home building and design. Sentinel is also a trained concierge service. We are a current member of

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