Buy American Real Estate Tour set to debut
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Buy American Real Estate Tour set to debut


Tampa, FL – February 21, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — True, the economy is still a bit sluggish, Kenny Rushing admits, but don’t tell him that the real estate market is dead in the United States. The founder of Rush Capital Fund in Tampa buys and sells real estate nationwide and operates a thriving business. To help novice and experienced investors alike learn how they can make money buying and selling homes and properties, Rushing has launched the Buy American Real Estate Tour. The first event, which will feature Rushing and 23 of the country’s foremost real estate investing experts, is slated for May 6-8 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Tampa.

“There is a perception that the real estate market is all doom and gloom and nobody is making money, yet lots of leading economists, including Warren Buffett, say that this is a good time to buy,” Rushing said. “Interest rates are low and there are bargain basement properties available because of the amount of foreclosures. Banks need to sell off these properties.

“Simply put, American is for sale at a steep discount,” he added. “This is the greatest time in years to buy real estate.”

Among the speakers who will join Rushing are:

  • Than Merrill, a former NFL player who is founder and president of the New Haven, Ct.-based CT Homes, LLC and FortuneBuilders, Inc. and a star on A&E’s Flip This House. CT Homes has purchased, rehabbed, and wholesaled more than 180 single family and multi-family properties.
  • Bob Gries, who is the founder and owner of Tampa-based Gries Investment Funds, has been involved in more than $100 million worth of real estate deals with his company and is an expert real estate investor.
  • Dave Lindahl, who is the co-author of Commercial Investing 101 with Donald Trump and a veteran of commercial real estate investor for more than 14 years.
  • Louis Brown, who is known as the “King of Cash Flow” and has purchased run down homes, renovating them and renting them for a profit since he was 19.
  • Ted Thomas, who has bought real estate tax deed certificates for more than 25 years.

The speakers at the Buy American Real Estate Tour – which will also be held later this year in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Washington D.C. – will share their trade secrets and strategies to make money in today’s real estate market in different niches such as tax liens, lease option, wholesaling, bulk REOs and short sales to buying and rehabilitating properties, buying probate properties, purchasing foreclosed homes at auctions and acquiring homes as inexpensive as $2,000.

Rushing named his event the Buy American Real Estate Tour because he is striving to change the mindset of Americans who believe that real estate is no longer an ideal investment.

“Foreign investors are recognizing that this is a great time to buy properties in the United States since prices and interest rates are so low,” Rushing said. “Unfortunately, many Americans are on the sidelines because they have the misconception that it is not a good time to get in the real estate market.

“Investing in American real estate will contribute to homes sales, stimulate the economy to provide jobs and spur growth in the U.S economy,” he added. “By providing people with this awareness, education and training, we can spur interest in investing, increase home sales and give people a way to generate a comfortable income.”

Consumers do not need cash or credit to buy real estate, Rushing says, which allows novices who are struggling financially to enter the real estate investing market. The Buy American Real Estate Tour is even ideal for experienced investors who are unfamiliar with strategies in today’s real estate market.

“During the real estate boom, you could put a sign in front of dog house and sell it,” Rushing said. “Today, you need new strategies that are working because if you don’t, you won’t make money.”

For more information about the Buy American Real Estate Tour, visit

About Kenny Rushing
Real estate investing expert Kenny Rushing says that America is for sale at a steep discount. To help people take advantage of these opportunities, he has assembled 23 industry veterans to create awareness for how to make money in today’s real estate market.

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